The Odyssey Schools Program is the Foundation’s flagship initiative that enables educators within public schools to enrich the learning experience for students aged 12 to 15 by funding enhancements to their Science, Technology and Mathematics Programs. The Foundation hopes to reverse the trend of declining enrolments in post - secondary science programs, by engaging students in innovative learning through a variety of stimulating activities that promote interest in science and the pursuit of careers in science and technology.

The Foundation launched its program in 2004 at two Vancouver School Board (VSB) schools and positive results led to increased demand the following year, when five more VSB schools were supported. One additional school was also supported in Ross Mitchell’s hometown of London, Ontario.  In the fall of 2006, more schools were supported in VSB and London, Ontario and the program was expanded into Richmond, Delta and Surrey School Districts .Continued success led to rapid growth in 2007. The Foundation’s targeted growth strategy has created a network of 79 Odyssey Schools covering 32 School Districts, engaging over 45,000 students in enrichment opportunities that inspire and motivate students to pursue careers in science and engineering.

Each school receives up to $25,000 over a three to five year period to implement a program unique to their school.  Committed educators create an Odyssey program they feel will be most beneficial to their students needs, making each school’s activities uniquely “teacher defined” and ensuring lasting positive results.

Odyssey students experience science in a fun and imaginative way while improving their knowledge and application of science process skills.  They learn that science goes beyond what happens in the classroom by actively participating in field trips, outreach programs and extracurricular science initiatives.  Multi-grade activities encourage mentoring opportunities and develop important leadership skills. With the “science buzz” resonating in Odyssey schools, this program sparks student interest and generates enthusiasm for discovering science.

If you are interested in participating in the Odyssey Schools Program, please contact Cheryl Kristiansen, Managing Director at: 604-889-0530 or

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